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Rug pads offer many benefits for people with area rugs, but they aren’t suitable for all rugs or in all situations. Many people don’t know when, or if they should get pads for their rugs.

In the short video above, we talk about what rug padding is and what it can do for you, what type of padding should be avoided and some problems that can be helped by using rug padding. One of the biggest dangers facing a rug is common, ordinary dirt. Dirt and sand is made largely of silica which is what they make glass out of.

In the video, you can easily see the sharp points that do the cutting in a magnified image of sand paper. Look at the magnified image of sand. You can clearly see the same sharp points and edges that act just as cutting tools here as well, except these sharp edges can cut the fibers of your rug. As rugs wear, they are worth less money.


There are three main ways a rug pad can help protect your investment, and your rugs and make your home safer. First, a good quality rug pad provides a shock absorbing layer between your rug and the floor. This cushions the rug and helps keep dirt and grit from cutting the fibers of your rug.

Rug padding allows the dirt to filter away from the rug and into the pad. This is why rugs with pads last longer and tend to hold their value longer. Rug pads are more comfortable to walk on, but they can also help lose weave rugs stay flat on the floor that can help prevent these rugs from slipping.

For this reason, rugs with pads can be safer and can help eliminate tripping hazards. The shock absorbing qualities of a pad can help rugs to last longer in high traffic areas, areas with heavy furniture or areas with uneven floors. Rug pads can help take the stress off of the foundation layers of the rug and can help protect the foundation from the stretching or puncturing. Here are some tips and things to consider when choosing a rug pad.

All rug pads will decompose over time. As rug pads deteriorate, they can stick to the floor or the rugs. This damage can be hard to fix. So, it’s important to replace your rug pad before it breaks down. Low-quality rug pads can quickly deteriorate and sometimes the materials used in these low-quality pads can off gas and permanently discolor the floor under the pad.

In general, thicker rug pads will last longer than thinner rug pads. Good rug padding will have a warranty. These can range from one year to 20 years depending on the quality of the pad.

If pet urine is a problem, rug padding can help protect your flooring. However, pet urine will fill the pad and create another problem over time. Rug pads usually can’t be cleaned, and for this reason, if you have pets that have accidents, you might consider buying cheaper, thinner rug pads and replacing them more often.

Rug pads don’t last forever. If your rug pad is deteriorating, or if it’s full of dirt or urine, it should be replaced. It’s also important not to put area rugs or rug padding down on floors that have been freshly sealed or finished.

Many sealers and floor finishers must cure for a short time before they can be covered up. Check with your floor care professional for recommendations on when it’s safe to put your rug pads back down on your newly finished floor.

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